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Vicair Mattress Replacement  

36 compartments with dynamic SmartCell filling 

Double rings on the four corners of the mattress to loosely attach bedsheets to prevent hammocking 

Combination of a middle layer and lower friction mattress cover to minimise shear forces and optimise immersion 

The Vicair Mattress Replacement is designed to offer optimal pressure redistribution, reduction of shear forces, optimal immersion and stable, comfortable positioning.

The Vicair Mattress has been clinically proven to be used with clients who have existing pressure ulcers stage I-IV. The Vicair Mattress is an extremely lightweight and non-powered alternative to other air-technique replacement mattresses. The Vicair Mattress is particularly suitable for burns patients, palliative care, chronic pain management and neurological patients.  

The mattress cover is fluid impermeable and removable for machine washing.  The Vicair Mattress be used in conjunction with any type of bedframe and bedframe position. CPR can be performed directly on a patient without the use of a board. Multiple mattress sizes are available.

Key Clinical Benefits

  • Appropriate for use with patients who have Stage I-IV pressure injuries

  • No pump or any other accessories required. 

  • Does not need to be adjusted to accommodate patients of different weights. 

  • Ideal for settings where there are multiple staff/carers managing/using the equipment as training requirements are low and the possibility for user error (due to incorrect use) is low.

  • Ideal for regional and remote settings where there is limited access to electricity and/or timely servicing.