Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution

The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution has been developed by Vicair who are known for their uniquely designed specialist cushions that offer superior pressure redistribution and optimal positioning. 


The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution has been developed from a durable specialist low friction material on the exterior with a soft and smooth interior.  Four removable Vicair SmartCell air tubes form a comfortable cushioning effect around the foot for complete heel protection


  • When used in supine and optimum seated position it completely off-loads pressure from the heel
  • Non-slip sole allows users to walk safely while wearing the heel protector 
  • The gradual transition from the calf off-loads the Achilles tendon and prevents foot drop; this prevents new heel ulcers from occurring while allowing existing heel ulcers to heal quickly 
  • Foam free, low friction nylon outer material ensures easy movement over sheets, reducing shear
  • Available in two sizes - Standard and XL.  XL size recommended for users with instep contour more than 43cm 
  • Sold individually 

Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution


    • Machine washable at 60 degrees without removing the internal air cushions