Vicair 02 Wheelchair Cushions


The Vicair O2 cushions are fully machine washable for optimal hygiene. The open structure of the O2 cushions allows the cushions to be washed in the washing machine, without the need for a laundry bag and without removing the SmartCells. Ideal for users and environments where incontinence, temperature regulation and humidity is an issue.

Fully machine washable for optimal hygiene 

100% breathable for perfect temperature and moisture regulation 


Adjuster O2

The Vicair Adjuster automatically manages small obliquities and is individually adjustable to support more extreme asymmetry. The design of this wheelchair cushion allows total immersion, for optimal pressure redistribution and prevents sliding forward in the seat.


Available in 10cm or 6cm height cushions. There are greater possibilities for adjustment using the 10cm height.


Vector O2 

The Vicair Vector allows for offloading of vulnerable areas around the ischial tuberosities and coccyx. The compartment layout enables additional pelvic stability, guidance for upper leg positioning, comfort and optimal skin protection.



Available in 10cm or 6cm height cushions. There are greater possibilities for adjustment using the 10cm height.


Active O2

The Vicair Active is made for the active wheelchair user. The Vicair Active offers a combination of ergonomically shaped foam and Vicair SmartCells. The four rear SmartCell compartments provide a high level of comfort and skin protection, and offload the ischial tuberosities and coccyx. The foam front section enables easy transfers.

 Available in 6cm or 9cm height cushions

“Sitting on air, what more could you ask for?” 

Nienke Conjin (Vector 02 user)

Vicair compartment design creates stability, maximising immersion and minimising shear forces

Vicair AllRounder 02 Cushion

Pictured here, the Vicair AllRounder O2 is the cushion you need for all your activities out of the wheelchair.


The cushion easily buckles onto your body, following you wherever you go. This keeps you comfortable and helps to protect your skin during sports and outdoor activities, when sitting on any hard surface or when playing on the ground.


The cushion is completely machine washable and lightweight for optimal mobility.


Available in three sizes - small, medium and large.

Additional Information

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