Take a moment to #checkyourdesk...how are you sitting right now? Chances are you could help make yourself more comfortable and reduce your risk of pain or injury by making some minor #ergonomic adjustments to your setup. Here are our tips for a few small and simple changes you can make to your #workfromhome setup, no matter what equipment you have available to you. + LOOK STRAIGHT: Position the height of your screen so you don’t have to dip/twist/arch/tilt your head or neck. Use magazines or books to get the right height. If you have a laptop, use a separate keyboard and mouse. Eye level with the URL bar in a web browser is a good benchmark. + DON'T REACH: Keep your keyboard and mouse in front of you so your wrists/forearms are supported on the front part of the desk + If your chair isn’t adjustable, try using a rolled up towel to support your lower back + SIT UP straight with your shoulders relaxed. Your feet should be flat on the floor or supported by a footrest (a box will do) + LIGHTING: Reduce glare and shadowing by adjusting your window coverings and lighting in the room + REST: Don't forget to take breaks and stand up and move around